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Did you know that Africa has more than 700 banks in 54 states? 
With around 700 banks we can only speculate of the number of branches, the information we have are not enough, but after all, we can roughly say that there are around 100 000 branches of banks in the continent.

South Africa and Tanzania are countries in Africa that have the largest number of banks, and both countries have fifty different banks. All banks can be found in our database. 
The economy of Africa is made up of trade, agriculture, industry, etc. 

For Africa, it can be said that the continent is primarily rich in oil, diamonds and gold.

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In Europe there are more than 2000 banks in 51 states
We can say that Europe is the continent where the first foundation of banking are set. 
Countries in Europe, which counted the highest number of banks, are:
Germany with around 256 banks,
Russia with around 255 different banks,
Switzerland with around 213 banks.
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