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Bankinfobook website is primarily intended to help others through the information we provide. We are building a community that will help you to achieve your goals, so join us and help others to obtain information that they need.


You have a new idea

You have a new idea, you think you can help others and yourself, send us an email we may be able to help. So do not hesitate to ask or write what would you like to see on our website, but it should be closely linked with that what we do.


Our doors are open

For your comfort, your questions and answers will be stored in the database for frequently asked questions.

Our doors are all open for any questions and collaboration.


 Respect copyright

It is significant to respect copyright

Our customers often ask whether we should not copy or printing material from the website, in such cases bankinfobook reserves the right to decide what of the information which we provide may be used. For all information on this topic please write us an email and we will do our best to meet your needs.