Deposit Insurance

The Deposit Insurance Agency of a country has the role that every citizen who has a deposit in the bank guarantees the return of money in the event of bankruptcy or liquidation of the bank.

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What is interest?

Interest is the price paid for the use of bank funds. They are mainly monetary funds If the interest is expressed as a percentage we are talking about...Read more


We must point out that the full value of certain securities that are here unknowingly have the same or similar importance in all countries. Many of these securities...Read more


For a loan, usually related, (cash) of an institution, which gives it to use of customers in a certain period of time under certain conditions.Conditions for obtaining the loan...Read more

monet dei paschi

Monte Dei Paschi Di Siena is the oldest bank in the world headquartered in Siena (Italy). It was founded in 1472 in the Republic of Siena, where it currently operate. Tradition, Culture, Knowledge have made this bank very well-known in the world.The Bank operates with more than 1,900 branches


Beobank One of the largest banks in Serbia, now under bankruptcy has higher receivables than debts. One of the largest banks in Serbia is bankrupt. Why? Researching we get to the information that the bank was one of the largest banks in Southeast Europe. With around 6,000 employees...

european central bank

European Central Bank Was established 1 June 1998 and located in Frankfurt (Germany) The European Central Bank is the body with the help of which the European Union has implemented its tasks outlined founding Treaty of Rome on the implementation of policies in the field of monetary relations.

What is NFC?

The system of payment without contact is becoming increasingly popular and it speculated that by 2020 half the world's population will used this form of payment. Today, the increasing use of NFC in mobile devices leads to faster and more efficient payments.
What do i need to use NFC services and how secure is it?


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investment banking

Investment Banking

Investment banking is a set of services that the bank provides to the client, which is primarily related to transactions of securities.
History of investment banking started in Europe. In the mid 19th century the first appeared in Europe Investment Bank. This has enabled the rapid spread of investment banks in the US.
Banks throughout the world have expanded their investment banking. Investment banking today includes wide range of services.


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investment banking

How banks calculate interest on loans

Most people today take loans from banks they do not know a lot about how banks calculated their interest rate and the amount they pay. The purpose of this content is to help the broad masses of people to learn something about conformal and proportional method of calculation of the loan. The fact is that the clients of the bank, paid a high penalty interest rates and they are not aware of that because of the method of calculation.

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how banks calculate interest on loans

Credit Union

What is a credit union?

A credit union is an organization that brings together a certain number of people and unites them into one community which aims to bring together their savings. The aim of such an organization is that savings and borrow from each other, and thus primarily to help members of the credit union works accomplished certain goals. The objectives may be different, in order to purchase real estate, the creation of small and medium enterprises, and so on.

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what is a credit union

Escont loan

One of the oldest banking businesses of investing are escount loan. Its use is particularly in payment traffic of goods from other countries.How it works, the eskont credit. Bank buys from its clients a claim against a third party This receivable is purchased before the deadline their maturity because it is so certain commercial forms.

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The World Bank

The World Bank was formed in July 1944, Headquarters in Washington DC,United States The purpose of the World Bank is crediting. The priority of the World Bank is to reduce poverty through economic and humanitarian help.The World Bank is an international financial institution that is financed with the help of its credit the development of other countries. Specifically financed the infrastructure (roads, bridges,

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European Investment Bank

The European Investment Bank was established in the Treaty of Rome establishing the European Economic Community (Article 29 and 30) in 1957. Each country entering the European Union must fulfill the obligations of payment of the founding capital of the European Investment Bank. This bank is a legal entity, is headquartered in Luxembourg and is independent in its work.

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Escont Loan Calculator

escont loan calculator

Loan Calculator

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