• Bill of exchange
  • Bank check
  • Warehouse receipt
  • Portable waybill in rail transport
  • Portable waybill in road traffic
  • Portable waybill in air traffic
  • Bill of Lading Maritime Transport
  • Bill of Lading in inland navigation (traffic rivers lakes and canals)
  • Freight bill of lading
  • Shipper’s certification
  • Shares
  • Debentures
  • Cashier record
  • Commercial paper
  • State record
  • Certificates of Deposit

We must point out that the full value of certain securities that are here unknowingly have the same or similar importance in all countries. Many of these securities are often the means of proof of legitimacy papers and they have different economic functions and importance of securities.
Everything here above is securities. All securities are regulated by law, which varies depending on the state in which they are used.
There are a few important things you need to know about the securities.
Securities are written document that its giver is obliged to fulfill the obligation inscribed on the instrument to its rightful holder.

1. Securities is always written statement
2. Securities, contains the written permission of the issuer
3. Any written permission, which is entered into securities, must fulfill its lawful holder.

Economic functions and significance of the securities in any State in which it is organized commodity-currency exchange is of great importance, because securities are regulated by law. Significance of securities is aimed at increasing the value of the goods themselves, which is located in the money-circulation. In the field of commodity circulation of securities are also of particular importance because they provide assistance in freight traffic without the physical presence of the goods in the market and also affect the business and a weather balancing the supply demanding of certain types of goods in a particular market.