What is interest?

Interest is the price paid for the use of bank funds. They are mainly monetary funds If the interest is expressed as a percentage we are talking about the interest rate….Read more

About securities

We must point out that the full value of certain securities that are here unknowingly have the same or similar importance in all countries.Many of these securities…Read more

About loan

For a loan, usually related, (cash) of an institution, which gives it to use of customers in a certain period of time under certain conditions.Conditions for obtaining the loan…Read more

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Will America cut interest rates in 2024?

Head of U.S economics are expecting to see the first cut of interest rates in June. The prediction may see first a so-called soft recession who will trigger a central bank cutting of 25 basic point per quarter. There are many speculations about the soft recession but we might see a strong one as many […]

Will BRICS currency be the best?

As U.S. dollar starts to lose power pulling down Euro and many other currency’s BRICS nations started to be more confident about their new currency. The reason to be confident about new upcoming currency are many says former advisor to Russian President, Sergey Glazyev. BRICS nation already trade in their local currency that was the […]

Afreximbank’s continental payment system (PAPSS) welcomes 11 African central banks

Leading Pan-African Payment and Settlement System (PAPSS) has expanded because more banks are willing to join. The significant effort is to reduce expenses with trade in the region. By incorporating 11, more central banks that are African the African Export-Import bank will play significant role in future trading platform for Africa. The main goal of […]

Georgia National Bank selects Ripple as new CBDC partner

Ripple block chain-tech Company is a new partner who will help the government of Georgia to develop its central bank digital currency (CBDC). New Georgia cryptocurrency (GEL) will help fast and easy cashless payments in the country. In process of selecting Crypto Companies, Ripple was one of technical excellence and experts in field of block-chain […]

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