What is interest?

Interest is the price paid for the use of bank funds. They are mainly monetary funds If the interest is expressed as a percentage we are talking about the interest rate….Read more

About securities

We must point out that the full value of certain securities that are here unknowingly have the same or similar importance in all countries.Many of these securities…Read more

About loan

For a loan, usually related, (cash) of an institution, which gives it to use of customers in a certain period of time under certain conditions.Conditions for obtaining the loan…Read more

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Europe central bank reported first loss after almost 20 year.

Europe central bank reported first loss after almost 20 year. Many have seen some changes in rates who sky jumped in 2023 making loans expensive. All members of EU and non-EU countries who use EURO are concerned about what will happen in future with EURO zone.   This was one necessary step to stop losing […]

American and Europe banks close more than 55 branches

New year started in hope to see a better day in our financial sector and we are getting news about Bank branches closing across Europa and USA. The plan to close bank branches will be devastating for business and communities. Europa and USA banks started to announce a branches closing this year. Danske Bank in […]

ECB concerned over early signs of bank run

The central bank of European Union analyzed data and early warning indicators who have showed that some banks may experience a bank run. ECB has asked some banks to monitor activity on social media and detect early signs of bank run. The financial problem where client rush to bank to withdraw cash and pull deposits […]

Advantages and disadvantages of central bank digital currency

A large number of CBDC supporters are gradually implementing the digital currency, the reason being the fast transfer of money as well as cheaper transaction costs. In addition to the benefits that this technology offers, the majority of users of banking services are not interested or distrustful of the digital currency that is slowly being […]

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