New year started in hope to see a better day in our financial sector and we are getting news about Bank branches closing across Europa and USA. The plan to close bank branches will be devastating for business and communities.

Europa and USA banks started to announce a branches closing this year.

Danske Bank in Ireland announcement on Friday that it will close another four branches, but that will not result in job losses. This will happen in June and branches in Carrick Fergus, Saint field, Knock (east Belfast) and Shipquay place will be closed.  Danske bank has closed 59 branches from 2010 in Ireland.

Ulster Bank in Ireland announcement to close 10 branches starting from February 20.

John O’ Connell FSU general secretary said over 30% of branches network has disappeared since 2019. We may see a future problem who will impact communities and business regarding the services of banks across Ireland. In the other hand banks are cutting expenses closing branches and making online service more important.

Managing director of Danske Bank’s personal banking, Aisling Press said that this closure are choose of consumers what reflects the changes on Dankse bank decision. Many user’s using alternative ways to do business with our bank through our digital solutions.


Barclays bank in England has announced to close another 16 branches over the coming months.

This popular bank will shut down brunches in Wales, Scotland and Ireland this year. Branches in London, Liverpool will be closed. Before that Barclays announced closure of 77 branches to the end of 2025 this is in addition of 157 branches that are closed in 2023. Barclays bank will cut 5,000 jobs worldwide as announced because of branches closer.

High Street bank will close 20 branches in April but that’s not all to the end of this year in total 50 sites will be closed.

Lloyds Banking Group has announced to close 45 branches.

NatWest, Virgin Money and Halifax are joining the closure of bank branches.

More than 600 bank branches are closed in 2023 alone.

All banks replay to question that customers are shifting to online banking and use of Apps.


The biggest among ten national bank Bank of America, Chase, Capital One, US Bank and PNC are shutting down around 40 branches in a single week.

PNC bank said it will close 10 branches in six states, including Georgia, Maryland, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Texas and Wisconsin.

US Bank will shut down 9 branches.

Bank of America will shut down 8 branches.

First National Bank of Pennsylvania and Huntington will close 4 branches.

Capital One will shut down 4 branches.

Fifth Third, KeyBank and Woodforest also announced branch closures.

Chase bank in 2023 closed 157 branches but opened 195 who enter 2024.

Ten years ago USA had 85000 bank branches and today there are les then 73000 branches.

Covid pandemic speed up the industry increasingly offers of bank services online.

But many people, especially the elderly population, rely on in-person services and the closures will make it more difficult for them to access bank services.

All Bank are preparing for new step in digitalization and tokenization. The CBDC concept of central banks are already here do we like it or not it’s happening.