Banks in Asia

In Asia there are about 1,900 banks in 49 states with about 300,000 branches of various banks. Countries in Asia, which counted the highest number of banks, are: Russia with around 255 different banks, India with around 98 different banks, Japan with around 80 different banks, Asia is the continent with the fastest growing economy in the world. Countries that are initiators of this economic growth alongside China are Russia and India. Often we hear that China and India are two most developed economies of the world. Asia is the largest continent in the world rich in natural resources such as gas, oil, gold and other metals.

Turkey inflation to hit 58% by the end of 2023 says Governor Hafize Gaye Erkan

The central bank of Turkey expects inflation to rise to the end of this year. The prediction and expectation of Governor Hafize Gaye Erkan are not good for Turkey economy. Turkey’s central bank with monthly and annual inflation rates announced that inflation has moved up the latter last month and it has gone up to […]

JP Morgan predicts the end of global reserve currency

One of world leading bank JP Morgan CHASE analyzing BRICS de-dollarization by the countries of BRICS nation and come to the conclusion that U.S. dollar is at risk. The dollar is at risk of losing its global reserve status because BRICS countries started to trade in their local currency. The institute JP Morgan analyze predicts […]

EU economy on the brink of collapse

The war in Ukraine against Russia has crushed the European economy. The North stream pipeline who was destroyed, and who supply the biggest economy in EU Germany with gas has a great impact on their economy. We are seeing the prices spiking and inflation is growing. The European Union fight against it by pushing up […]

Michael Burry $1.6 billion bet against stock market

His predicting the big collapse of Wall Street and put a $1.6 billion bet that this is going to happen. The famous “Big Short” movie says it clear that we are starting to be scared about the upcoming future event after his new prediction. His bet against the S&P 500 and Nasdaq 100 downturn will […]

New BRICS currency

BRICS Birth of new monetary system What happened in last 10 years is that BRICS countries have prepared to make a new step in monetary system. The sanctions against Russia speed it up and now US dollar is facing devastated blow as a world reserve currency. As the US weaponized the global monetary system against […]

Inflation in Europe

Europeans are becoming poorer and the way it looks this is not the end of inflation spiking. The causes of inflation are high prices of energy and food. The politics and the energy shortages will make inflation bigger in next three mounts. Winter is coming and shortages of gas will make many houses to freeze, […]