The war in Ukraine against Russia has crushed the European economy. The North stream pipeline who was destroyed, and who supply the biggest economy in EU Germany with gas has a great impact on their economy. We are seeing the prices spiking and inflation is growing.

The European Union fight against it by pushing up “Euribor” and making the Loans expensive for economy in EU and outside EU countries. That means that growth in EU and countries who uses euro will drastically slow down.

This war is hurting everyone in Europe but it empowers everyone outside Europe. People see changes but few can identify a big massive shift in power that moves away from USA and west to east, this all is happening right now.

Russian president Vladimir Putin says de-dollarization is “irreversible” and we will continue to de-dollarize our economy. This is not the end of de-dollarization, there are many more who will follow the same example. BRICS nation will make this happened in future because they will expand in one big Union of countries like EU or US.

EU economy will feel the expensive oil and gas from US and other non-EU countries.

 It is going to be hard to boost up there economy without Russian gas and oil. The prediction are not good for EU members who already know it that economy growth goes down.