For a loan, usually related, (cash) of an institution, which gives it to use of customers in a certain period of time under certain conditions. Conditions for obtaining the loan can be varied, and it depends on the type of loan you are applying for. We need to know that every loan that we receive from the institution goes along with the attendant interest, which varies on the type of loan.

Loans are usually divided into 3 categories:
• Short-term
• Medium-Term
• Long-term

Short-term loans
In the short-term loans include loans that are usually granted to finance the current needs for working premises and means and, above all, companies for trade in goods and the customs clearance of inventories, and other institutions. The deadline for the use of these credits is one year. We distinguish the following types of short-term loans:

• Eskont loan
• Acceptance credit
• Aval loan
• Short-term loans (current account)
• The banking short-term loan
• Consumer credit
• Lombard loan
• Ramburs credit
• Vinculacion credit.
• Short-term loans Current account
• Bank short-term loans

Medium-term loans are loans that are used to 5 years, and are commonly used in the purchase of equipment, investment construction.

These loans are divided into:
• Consumer loans and
• Construction loans

Long-term loans as the very word says is granted for a period longer than 5 years. They are used to finance infrastructure works, built factories etc.

In the long-term loans include:
• Investment loans
• Mortgage loans
• Housing loans
• Consortium loans
• Forfeiting