Few days ago Serbs are witness an interesting marketing campaign about „take the bill and win “on radio and tv.

This is a computer scan reward campaign promoting cashless payment. The reporter said that the chances of getting the main prize are higher if users buy goods and pay for them without cash.

Way stop there as many newspaper write („let’s abolish the dinar and switch to the euro“ – B92 news) and („proposal of the economist – are you in favor „let us abolish the dinar“, the facebook campaign of Nova.rs) who actually divided the opinions of those for and against.

But many haven’t noticed that there is a new Easter egg who promote cashless payment and global central bank digital currency who is about to change entire industry including human lives.

Small countries with low budget like Serbia do not have the resources for creating CBDC, but instead creating their own currency many will abandon it and join digital Euro or digital Dollar. But there are ones like Sweden, Australia, China, Russia who can finance such project and earn the benefits of it. Witnessing the global change of money and the way we use it Serbian banks started to get rid of cash slowly and cut jobs because many do not want to go to bank for a loan or some advice, all they need is mobile App where they can arrange anything they need.

Witnessing the announcement of BRICS nation new CBDC system everything started to change rapidly, transforming the industry of payment as we know it. The question we are asking will this new central bank digital currency be of benefit for humans or will it be a new well designed slave system?

Regarding the question so far central banks are trying to convince people that the new CBDC system will be of benefit for anyone, but so far we haven’t read or hear anything about the negative side of it. It looks like central banks do not want to talk about it because they might negatively impact the opinion of people hiding the negative side of CBDC.

This scenario has already been played in Australia where citizens struggle to withdraw cash from ATM. It looks like this scenario will happen to Serbia.

Serbia need to prepare there will be les and les paper money and more and more credit cards payments to slowly glide to cashless society.