Since the beginning of the formation of the BRICS block, which is constantly developing and expanding, the countries of Asia are becoming a UNION like Europe and the USA with the aim of forming a new economic order that threatens primarily the USA and Europe. The recent events following the war between Russia and Ukraine is one of the reasons why many financial institutions in Europe and America are worried about future economic development.

An additional blow to the banking sector in the USA and Europe is the formation of a new BRICS digital currency that threatens the Dollar and the Euro as one of the more reliable currencies in the future, because every banknote is covered in gold. Difficulties for the Dollar and the Euro represent new investments in the development of digital currencies, such as the digital Euro and the Dollar, which have not yet officially seen the light of day.

Europe and America must have an answer to the digitization of currencies, which this time started in Asia. This act of digitization is perhaps the cause of wars in the world because the sharing of resources and power is clearly not liked by certain countries around the world. There are many reasons and the goals are divided because the interest of the nations that want to stay at the top of the pyramid is directed (by war at all levels and with the help of all the means available to them). Influence and interests prevail, and the system collapses in a panic from within certain nations because the national debt is growing, and the citizens are suffering.

The BRICS digital currency has triggered an avalanche of new research into the development of digital currencies around the world. Despite all efforts to form digital currencies, no one paid attention to what a nation wants i.e. Its citizens, whose opinions are divided on the issue of digitization and the development of such technology. One of the reasons for this behavior of the leaders of countries around the world is the fear and desire to remain in a position at the top of economic development, another reason is the cold war and war in general in which some nations are losers and some are winners. Of course, no one wants to be the loser in such divisions because it would also mean the collapse of certain economies.

The interests of the leaders around the world prevail over the interests of the people who are not sure who to trust because the media with their propaganda and inaccurate information have led to the clouding of the people’s consciousness. The answer of Europe and America should not be to digitize the currency as BRICS does, because the digital currency itself can be a counterproductive novelty for which the citizens are not for but against. The question of its existence is raised because perhaps the vast majority will want paper money instead of digital money. In the system of differences, the existence and justification of a currency, whether it is digital or not, is ultimately decided by the user and the further development of a currency depends on it, as we have historically used silver money, gold money, pair money, paper money with digital (hybrid) and future digital. The essence is to give the people the opportunity to choose without imposing new ones that suit individuals and for which individuals find justification for their existence. As throughout history and today, every currency change was generally and directly connected to wars, with the help of which new currencies were more easily implemented and the so-called economic reset.