What is NFC?

(near field communication)

The system of payment without contact is becoming increasingly popular and it speculated that by 2020 half the world’s population will used this form of payment.
Today, the increasing use of NFC in mobile devices leads to faster and more efficient payments. Smart phones and support for NFC, as well as applications by banks and companies dealing with the development of this technology allows faster and more efficient payment.

NFC standard was developed by NXP Semiconductors Company that was founded by Phillips in cooperation with Sony and Nokia Company in 2004. NFC is a wireless communication at a distance of a few centimeters a maximum of 10 cm.

What do i need to use NFC services?

Transaction and payment is available on mobile devices with Android, IOS and Windows operating systems.
One of the conditions is a mobile device that supports some form of NFC.
NFC is a wireless communication, and it can be WiFi or Bluetooth. Data transfer is carried out at a distance of a few centimeters in the case of payment.

How secure is NFC services?

A large number of users who have the ability to use this function they think it is unsafe for several reasons. We can tell you that there is no cause for concern because this type of payment is safe.
One of the important questions is the safety and security of payment, while keeping the user not being robbed by other parties that are trying to steal money.
If we compare the use of credit cards and mobile phones with NFC service, we would come to the same result by all standards.
This form of payment is very safe here’s why.
To make some kind of transaction to your mobile device, you need to bring the device for payment to the POS terminal to perform the transaction. In case you cell phone is locked, and you bring the phone to POS terminal for payment it will not carry out a transaction. Only when your phone is unlocked the transaction will be made.

There is no way that the transaction is performed if your phone is locked. Even if your NFC function is activated in the event when the phone is locked the transaction will not be executed.
We need to say that for every transaction on your mobile phone you need to enter a PIN code, this is another safety measure.
The third safety measure for the transaction is using your fingerprint. Support only IOS phone.

What happens if i lose my phone or it gets stolen?

Your phone has credit card information, in such cases, a thief will not benefit from your phone in order to activate any transaction a thief should have your pin code or fingerprint, which only you have. Our recommendation is that users never write their pin code in mobile phone.
In several cases, users of this service can lock their device to provide even greater security.

What are the benefits of NFC applications?

NFC applications are very useful since they have access to your account balance, as well as an overview of transactions per account and notifications about executed transactions.
One of the interesting possibilities of NFC applications is a report on the location where you have made a transaction.