As U.S. dollar starts to lose power pulling down Euro and many other currency’s BRICS nations started to be more confident about their new currency. The reason to be confident about new upcoming currency are many says former advisor to Russian President, Sergey Glazyev.

BRICS nation already trade in their local currency that was the first step of de-dollarization. The petro-dollar started losing power and new prediction for 2024 are not good for U.S economy. 

There are many indicators that this gold backed currency will be the best in the world. Such ‘a currency will be the first for long time of period to be gold backed up. United State abounded the golden standard and from that day, the U.S dollar become not much valuable, risking the bubble to explode by printing more paper money.

Sergey Glazyev says that their new currency won’t be only backed up with gold and other nation currency but also on a basket of exchange commodities. He said that this model of their new currency would be more attractive then dollar, pound and euro.