Founded in 2019

OpenAI CEO Samuel Altman announced in July a launch of new cryptocurrency who will change the world of finance. This new currency already has more than 2.5 million users worldwide and it is already on its way to become the star of crypto world.

Many reason for new iris biometric cryptocurrency who will be the best as they say is a free ownership to everyone. Their aim is to become the world largest digital identity and financial network. Worldcoin will be the universal and global currency no matter your country or background.

New cryptocurrency will be provided for free only if you scan your eyes. The users of this system are starting to have serious debate about (tracking personal biometrics). The answer from Worldcoin on the debate was that „Tracking personal biometrics is essential because of increasing use of new AI programs“. Translated the Worldcoin organization want know if you are human by scanning your eyes every time you use the payment method.

„In April 2022, a report from MIT Technology Review cited those from the community who accused Worldcoin of “taking advantage of students” and “targeting lower-income communities”, and came to the conclusion that “it’s just cheaper and easier to run this kind of data collection operation in places where people have little money and few legal protections

The company is now seeking to raise $50 million from investor. To raise funds they started selling the projects crypto tokens at a discount rate.

In August 2023, Kenya suspended Worldcoin enrollment in the country saying that they are concerned about security and privacy. Ordering previously Worldcoin to stop collecting personal data by the authorities of Kenya, but they did not comply.